At Your School, we believe in fostering a healthy and positive mindset in each child. We focus on developing social-emotional skills by encouraging exploratory learning and play. We offer autonomy to each child and as teachers, we act as guides to facilitate their learning. 

We follow the early childhood education curriculum and focus on the three main pillars: art, physical activity and play. We believe in the power of children and draw inspiration from their creativity and innovations. We are committed to putting our students at the center of their learning by providing dynamic and engaging projects that meet their specific needs. 

We have teachers and students from all around the world and we use that to our advantage to help develop global awareness in the early years.  The community at Your School are passionate about teaching and providing the best first school experience to your child. 

We offer compassionate and innovative learning environments and work towards fostering 21st century skills that will enable our students to excel in the future. We are a multicultural and international community founded on mutual respect and kindness. 

Our main goal is learning through Play, Arts and Physical Activity