Our children are divided into four small groups.

Cubs are our under 3- year olds

Bears are 3 to 4- year olds

Lions are our 5 to 6- year olds.

The children´s ages and personalities are used to determine which group suits them the best.

The most important way of working for us is to create a sense of security for the child. The playschool adults are the source of comfort and care for the children. We want our kids to come to the playschool every day with happy smiles and eagerness to take part in the daily activities, because they feel loved and cared for.

When a new child starts, we start the journey to get to know them and what this child needs to feel safe. Do they need hugs or verbal praise to feel safe? What kind of guidance works the best, if things do not go the way they wanted?

We support each individual child in their strengths and in areas which still need more practice. We work closely with the parents of our children. It is very important for the child to see that playschool adults and their parents talk with each other and they like each other. It creates an atmosphere of safety and love for the child.

By choosing to place your most precious love in the world in our care, it is our responsibility to treat your child as the most precious little human in the world. We want our partnership with our children’s´ parents to be a true educational partnership. This way the child gets all the best knowledge and love at home and at the playschool.

Our  opening hours are mon-fri 07:30-17:00

We also have 3 other locations around Espoo. Your School English kindergarten/preschool Isoistentie 7, 02200 Espoo. Tuomarilan Helmi mediakindergarten Joupinpuisto 2, 02760 Espoo. Leppävaaran Helmi kindergarten Muurarinkuja 1, 02650 Espoo.